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Pellet burner TeraFlam - F3,
Probably the best burner in Europe!

gorilnik s patentnim strgalom

Main advantages
of TeraFlam burners

  • Combustion efficiency: up to 99 %

  • Patented mechanical ash scraper, which allows the use of low cost biomass,

  • Burner re-ignition using already glowing pellets, without the use of electricity

  • Designed as a burner for low quality pellets

  • Wit fits any burner with 9 burner combinations.

  • Air cooled combustion chamber.

  • More ...

Smart heating!

TeraFlam burners are the result of long lasting tradition in machine construction. Burners are fitted with the most advanced technological solutions.

Burners are made in Slovenia and are famous as the only burners in Europe with patented ash scraper. The scraper works automatically every 2 minutes and allows the user to burn cheap, low quality biomass.

F3 burners use innovative technology that preheat the combustion air and blow it under the fluidized pellets, thus enabling the high combustion efficiency of up to 99%. Efficiency of the system mounted in the boiler is estimated to be from 92% to 96%.

After eight years of development and testing, there are nine burner combinations available.