Basic information

    TERAFLAM, Strojegradnja d.o.o.
    Brinska c. 5
    Ločica ob Savinji
    Si-3313, Polzela, Slovenia, EU

    T: +386 3 700 16 40​
    F: +386 3 700 16 41



»I found FeraFlam burners on the internet and called them on their free number, where they kindly gave me all the necessary information. I was surprised, that the burner can be installed on such a vast variety of boilers. I had basically nothing to change on the boiler or buy additionally. I was thrilled over its use, because there is little maintenance and it’s working really fine.«
Franc, Polzela

»TeraFlam-F3 burner was recommended to me by a friend who sells wood pellets. I was....... and I can also burn cheap pellets. This way I can save twice for the same effect.«
Tony, Ljubljana

»Our family was deciding between heat pump and pellets. We were convinced by the price of investment and also all the advantages of TeraFlam-F3 burner. We have had it now for two years and we feel we have made the right decision.«
Family Janežič, Maribor

»I am convinced that wood pellets are the future of heating, but in the past there have been some problems with boiler maintenance. All burners are not alike and FeraFlam-F3 has convinced me, because it stands out with its efficiency and easy maintenance. After one year, the same burner was purchased by my parents and my mother-in-law.«
Andraž, Krško

»About heating with wood pellets I honestly didn't know a lot at the time. I was interested only in the price and how to work with it. The team at TeraFlam company took time for me and explained everything. The whole process from order to installation was quick and problem free. I am now using the burner for 7 months and I am very satisfied and also the expenses for heating went down considerably.«
Melita, Dravograd