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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is heating with pellets financially really more affordable?

YES, the price of wood and especially agro pellets is lower than heating oil, gas and other fossil fuels. More important, the price difference will continue to fluctuate in the future. Fossil fuel reserves are limited and will run out in the near future. On the other hand, pellets are made from biomass and are renewable, this means that they are easily available.

Can I retrofit my existing oil fired boiler to be heated with pellets?

YES, vast majority of oil fired and wood fired boilers can be retrofitted with our F3 burner.

On witch type of boilers TeraFlam-F3 burners can be installed?

F3 burners can be installed on almost any wood or oil fired boiler. Usually the most suitable place on the boiler is the existing position for the oil burner. Its important that the flame of the pellet burner does not hit the back of the boiler too much. Boiler door must be capable to receive the 160mm combustion chamber of the burner.

How is the installation made?

The process of installation depends on the type of the boiler and usually the boiler door must be modified. Installation team cuts and modifies the boiler door on site. The whole retrofitting of existing boiler takes up to three hours.

Does the F3 burner need a lot of maintenance?

No. Since the burner uses the ash scraper that works automatically every 2 minutes and with the combination of high combustion efficiency the user can clean the boiler and burner once a month when using a wood fired boiler and once every ten days when using o retrofitted oil boiler.

What's the combustion efficiency of the TeraFlam-F3 burners?

F3 burners have higher combustion efficiency since they use innovative technology that preheats the combustion air and blows it under the fluidized pellets. This enables the high combustion efficiency of up to 99%. Taking into account the use of EN-A1 Schweighofer wood pellets with less than 0,39% ash and an estimate of 0,5% thermal losses through the burner housing.

Do I need to buy quality pellets for my TeraFlam-F3 burner?

No. Since the burner uses an ash scraper, this allows the user to burn cheap and low quality biomass without any additional servicing.

Do I need to change the burner parameters if I change the supplier of pellets?

NO. Burner is capable to burn high and low quality wood pellets from 6 to 8mm in diameter, agro pellets from 6 to 8mm in diameter, corn and wood pellet Mix in 30/70 ratio, cherry and olive pits and so on, without the need for constant parameter settings.

How the burner feeds the pellets?

Pellet dosing is made with EcoPel auger with efficient induction motor and quiet operation. Power of the motor is only 8W (at 30% intermittency).

What are the advantages of heating with pellets instead of using a heat pump?

Financial savings when using heating with pellets and heat pump are equal, but the investment in a pellet heating system is much lower that in heat pump.

What are the running cost of the F3 burner?

F3 burners use technology of burner re-ignition using already glowing pellets, without the use of electricity. If re-ignition with glowing pellets is not possible, the burner will ignite with ceramic igniter. Pellet dosing is made with EcoPel auger with 8W induction motor, and the use of cheap biomass makes the TeraFlam-F3 burner the most cost efficient burner on the European market.

What are the Safety features on F3 burner?

Safety against burner back-burning with STB temperature limiter, fire sensor, air ejector and melting flexible tube.